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Achiever's Hall of Fame

Language Activities

  • Poem recitation, literature readings from various languages
  • German ‘Stammtisch’ every Sunday from 12pm-2pm.
  • ‘Movie Day’ – is organised on first Sunday of every month.
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This class helped me identify my weak areas and strengths in Spanish as for which I shall remain grateful. Trainer was cooperative and put coordinated efforts.

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Welcome to Value Words - The World of Langauages

It is a premier educational institute for language learning. Value Words has assisted students from all walks of life with their language skills. Value Words imparts training in various foreign and regional languages, besides providing translation services in various languages.

Limits of my language are limits of my Universe − how truly said by Austrian philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Why would you learn a language?

An evident reason to learn a language is to communicate with the people who speak it, the people whom we meet. Travelling across the globe becomes not only easy but also interesting. You can not only speak their language but also integrate well with their culture. Speaking their language shows your respect for their culture. Knowing a different language also helps you enjoy a country‘s literature, music.

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Introducing English Language Certification Courses for Children

Cambridge English Language Assessment – Young Learners
Trinity College of London – GESE