Our staff

Our trainers are selected carefully considering various aspects like experience, knowledge of the language, talent of teaching students from various fields and varied age groups. They have wealth of experience in the field of language and teaching. They have certifications for various levels in a language. They constantly update themselves with the latest news in the area of language development. They understand the needs of a student and accordingly conduct the course.


Interactive approach is adapted which consists of theory sessions blended with audio and video sessions. Lot of emphasis is given on to encourage students to talk in class by conducting role-plays, giving presentations and many more. Assessment test is conducted at the end of each course and Value Words' certificate issued thereupon.

Follow-up sessions

On completion of the course students can e-mail their queries/inputs to the trainers, who promptly respond to them. Alternatively they can email to institute and these are forwarded to the respective trainers. We regularly organise centre table meets, get-togethers for the present and ex-students where they have an opportunity to meet up with trainers and discuss their experiences with the language. During the meet we organise various activities like movie watching, playing in-house games related to the language and workshops.